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Creative graphic solutions.

What do I do?

Below you'll find a list of common services I offer - it isn't an extensive list so if you don't see your project on there, feel free to get in touch anyway.


What does it cost?

My standard rate is £25/€30 per hour. Some large or ongoing project may receive a discount and you can retain my services for a lower hourly fee which will be determined by the hours per month. You can use the Contact Me page or email me to get a personalised quote.


What do you get?

Every client receives full ownership of their design(s); I will provide the source file (AI), as well as any other relevant files (typically an ESP (for print), a PNG (for web) and a JPG). You gain copies of every asset used within the design and the support from years of industry experience throughout the process.


Additionally, I offer all of my clients ongoing support with their designs - not sure which file type to use where? Not a problem; I'll happily walk you through it when I provide you with your design. Not sure you quite understand your printer when they start talking about bleeds, margins and crop marks? No worries, I can collaborate with them on your behalf.

Logo Design
Your logo is, arguably, one of the most essential parts of your brand identity because it’s the first impression people get from your organisation. Whether you’re just starting out or are thinking of re-branding an existing company, I will create a professional, cost effective vector logo that is stunning, memorable and confidently articulates your identity, value and message.

Image Tracing
Do you already have a logo or design that you love but it’s not compatible with the task you need it for? Maybe you need to correct a typo in your logo but only have a jpg - that’s what image tracing is for. I will recreate your design for you and provide you with all the relevant print and web-ready files, as well as any source files I create in the process so you’ll never have to get it re-created again. 


Brand Identity & Development

It can be difficult when you’re setting up an organisation to know how to engage your target audience, or which key words to use in your SEO, or even how to style your media, but don’t worry, every successful company has been there and I’ve helped plenty of them solidify their brand identity to appeal to their audience. I can offer you a complete brand identity package, designed to capture your target audience and maximise brand exposure.


  • Professional, custom logo design targeting your audience, reflecting your identity and backed by industry experience and knowledge of current design trends. Includes sub-logo and watermark.

  • A detail-orientated colour and font packet

  • A target audience questionnaire that I'll use to design your brand identity

  • A complete stationary workup - business card(s), letterheads, envelope design, custom infographic packet, with-compliment slips, email signature...etc.

  • Mission statement and company voice guidelines + quick reference brand guide

  • Optional add-on: Wix or Wordpress website design

Illustration is a very broad term for many different styles of artwork. I have experience creating fun and engaging vector illustrations in a variety of styles, including: geometic, watercolour, hand-drawn and comic amongst others. My range is incredibly broad and experimental so don’t hesitate to get in touch - I love a challenge.


Photo Editing

I've been working with Adobe Photoshop every day since early 2016 and I have an abundance of photo editing experience - do you have wedding photos you want adjusted? What about those pesky background tourists in your favourite holiday pictures? Maybe you’re a model who wants to be Instagram-ready? From removing logos from clothing, to removing number plates and adjusting lighting on photos for estate agents - I’ve done it all. I’ve added flames to text, removed ex’s, tweaked product photos for best social media exposure, and so much more. Get in touch with your project.

Stock Image optimisation

Great photographs only get you so far; if you want to display your items for sale online in the best way possible, you’re going to require a little photo tweaking. I’ve spent immeasurable hours perfecting the lighting, removing blemishes, straightening labels and getting the exposure just right for companies that want to present their sellable items in the perfect light. Discounts are available for large of ongoing jobs.

Labels & Packaging
I have years of experience in designing, re-designing and updating packaging from labels to product boxes. I can set up and manage your barcode account for you, coach you with version codes to pro-actively tackle any manufacturing problems you may encounter, confidently recommend and negotiate prices with label-printing companies and put you in touch with some infallible translators.  I have experience working with printers, translators, compliance officers, R&D teams, marketing teams and product developers to deliver creative business solutions and cost effective packaging.

Translation Typesetting
If you’re a large company or organisation that trades internationally, chances are you’re going to be providing your items or services in multiple languages. I am meticulous when it comes to typesetting and have 5+ years of experience in collaborating with translators to produce your labels, packaging, catalogues and/or brochures in a variety of languages.


Your stationary isn't always your biggest concern when developing your branding but it definitely shouldn't be overlooked; it may not be as big as your logo or your website, but each item still contributes to your brand identity. Often, a business card is the first thing you'll hand to a potential new client - you want that to reflect the same professionalism and quality you'd invest into your website. If you approached two companies for quotes on a service, would you chose the one who returned your query on a piece of scrap paper with inconsistent font sizes and a blurry JPG logo or the company that presented the information in a trust-worthy fashion with articulate information?

I have many years of industry experience both in creating brand identities from scratch and developing stationary within existing brand guidelines to flesh out a companies arsenal of tools with which to communicate with their customers. I will develop a custom style of stationary that fits every needs and, most importantly, remains consistent, sleek and informative across the board, from business cards to email footers, custom letterheads to mug designs, unique calendars and personalised schedules to to price-lists, and so much more.

Do you have a Powerpoint or Keynote presentation that you need sprucing up? A report that you need to sell to your boss for that promotion? How about a pitch that you stressing over because you really need people to take notice? I can design you a presentation that will confidently translate your message and raise their interest. You provide the content and I’ll make it stunning, informative and memorable.

Infographics are an important visual solution for translating information in a noticeable and engaging way. I will provide you with result driven, articulate and interesting infographics for your presentations, flyers, web pages...etc, that fit your brand style.


Promotional materials & Adverts
Over the past five years I’ve produced magazine adverts that have been published in Top Gears magazine, promotional posters that have been displayed across the globe, flyers that have increased sales, banners that have been pitched on race tracks... From promo discount codes, to marketing campaigns to boost sales or a companies presence, I’ve done it all - and I can do it for you, too. Get in touch to discuss how I can optimise your adverts, posters, flyers, magazine adverts, banners, leaflets, brochures, catalogues, emails campaigns, business cards, trade stands, POS, signs, and so much more...

Additional information...

I always aim to deliver your first draft within three working days of project commencement. ASAP jobs may incur an additional charge.

Please feel free to get in touch to obtain a free quote or ask any questions you may have.