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How professionally edited photos can make sales skyrocket

In this day and age, everyone knows that product photos -good product photos- are key to selling a product. But why? Well, it comes down to first impressions: if an image is attractive, it’ll catch your attention.

Grab their attention

In a world where we see thousands of images every day, it’s difficult to stand out – whether you’re posting on Instagram or uploading the image to your website, holding your audiences attention is, arguably, the hardest part. Professionally edited product photos with ‘effortlessly’ perfected lighting, colouring and placement have a much higher chance of breaking that barrier for you.

Demonstrate your value

Your product may very well be the best on the market, but if your photography lets you down, good luck convincing your customers it’s worth buying. You want an image that is clutter-free (i.e, remove the background), demonstrates the high level of care you put into your product (removing packaging defects like scratches, dust or wonky labels), and generates a sense of professionalism (the best way to achieve this is to create consistency across your range of photos). It’s about building credibility. People are visual creatures; subconsciously, when we open a web-page we decide in milliseconds whether we trust the company. Photos are a great way of convincing consumers that you’re worth their time and money.

Build trust, gain loyalty

If your product images look professional and have obviously received time and attention, people will automatically associate that high-quality with a successful company. Working backwards, it goes something like this: high-quality product images = high design budget = lots of money = lots of customers = high-quality product and fantastic customer care = reliability and value. When a new customer is browsing the market for the first time, it’s these little associations with your product images that make you stand out as a safer option compared to your competition. And once they’ve bought from you once -assuming your customer service is as great as I trust it is- consumers are quick to develop loyalty to brands, and will often come back in the future, thus boosting sales.

Make it convenient

Lastly, it’s about overcoming the touch-feel barrier: when shopping in-store, most of us will naturally pick up and touch the items that interest us. It’s another form of quality-checking. Pair a good photographer with a good designer and they can easily overcome this digital obstacle by providing multiple angles of the product, close-ups of materials, colour variations, etc, to visually explain these elements to the consumer. It’s about making the shopping experience as convenient as possible and giving the target audience confidence in what they’re buying.

In conclusion, product images sell products. I’ve worked with clients who have reported back to me that, upon having me edit and update their images, they saw a rise in their website conversion rates. Don’t believe me? Think about how you’ve chosen to buy online before: over 90% of consumers agree that image quality is the most important factor in an online sale.

If you’re in the market for a photo editor, I’d be happy to discuss your requirements. Get in touch now by emailing me at inksplotdesigns@gmail.com or using my contact form.

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