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3 Reasons You Should Never DIY Your Logo

As a business owner, it can be tempting to cut corners on ‘unnecessary’ costs – maybe this means buying a lower quality printer paper, maybe it instant coffee in the break room rather than the fancy stuff. It should never mean that you design your logo yourself, and here are the top three reasons why:

One: Do you have the experience to do it well?

At the end of the day, you wouldn’t try to do your own plumbing without the experience of being a plumber, would you? You wouldn’t try to work on your car engine if you weren’t a mechanic, right? So why would you consider designing your logo?

Your logo is, arguably, the single most important visual asset your business is going to have, and it takes time, practice, research and a lot of experience to design a logo well. Professionals have the knowledge and experience to do the job better and quicker than you. We’re able to generate a brand icon that is clean, professional, properly formatted and custom-designed to represent your business. Experience = results.

Two: Can you integrate it with your branding?

When I work with clients who have previously tried to design their own logo, the number one problem is that it doesn’t represent them or their brand. And they forget that the logo should fit seamlessly within the rest of their branding – it should match their colour scheme, the fonts should complement their font palette, etc. But people who are unfamiliar with design, especially brand design, forget that they should keep the entire brand identity in mind when designing any element. A professional can design a logo that effortlessly integrates into any existing branding, whilst still delivering a crisp, professional and articulate stand-alone logo.

Three: Do you fully understand the formatting and file types?

You may have an artistic eye and a mind for design, but without experience and the specific know-how, you’d have to be incredibly lucky to format and export your logo correctly the first time around.

When I’ve worked with clients who have designed their logos (or worse, had their creative cousin/brother/niece design it), I cringe because, so far, ten out of ten of these designs have been created in Word and saved purely as low-res JPGs – which are ultimately useless. This means that, in order to do any branded work for the client, I first have to re-build the logo via an image trace and export it into useable documents. You can read more about file formats here.

When you create a logo, there’s more to it than just the visual design (although formatting is something that very few people get right without practice); each file you generate from the source must be saved in the correct colour spectrum and as the correct file type, depending on the intended use. And any good logo designer will provide you with variations: the fully stacked logo, the greyscale or ‘monotone’ versions, a watermark, a sub-logo, etc. You can read more about the different types of logos here.

As a client, I don’t expect you to know the technical aspects behind my designs, but please know that they’re there, they’re important and I spent a long time developing the skill to generate the design quickly and efficiently. We’re both better off if you skip the DIY and let me start from scratch. Save yourself time, stress, lost opportunity, and a poor visual reputation: hire a designer to design your logo. It’s what we’re good at.

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