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3 Features Every Home page Should Have

First off, let me start by stating that I’m not a web developer; it’s not a service I offer, however, I do design website wireframes. This means that I design websites, figure out how they’ll work, envision and describe the transitions and structure before handing them off to someone who specialises in web development to build them.

During my time as a designer, I’ve put in a lot of hours researching trends and general practices. And I’ve noticed that a lot of oversights on website Home Pages are usually the simplest, most obvious aspects.

So, whilst every home page should have all the obvious features, like an intuitive navigation system, social links and engaging content, in my experience, the three most critical are as follows:

Numero uno: A unique header

In an age where websites seem to be made up nearly entirely of images and video banners, it’s still important to remember that a potential customer should be able to immediately understand what you do/offer within seconds of arriving on your Home Page.

A great way to do this is by using a catchy header and a brief description of your services or product – think of this as an introduction and use it as an opportunity to sell your value. When I put my Homepage together, I envisioned it as a virtual handshake in which I’m communicating “Hi, I’m Jess and you need me to design your brand.”

Nummer zwei: Logo and Branding

It might seem silly to remind you to place your logo on your Homepage, but you wouldn’t believe the number of websites I see where the online presence looks nothing like the company’s packaging or printed items. Branding should be consistent across all media – including your website. Make sure that anyone familiar with your visual identity could click through to your website and instantly recognise you without reading a single word – use your logo, colours, fonts, customised photography and unique iconography to identify yourself.

Numéro trois: A Call To Action

The whole point of getting people to your website, and providing them with engaging and informative content is to entice them into buying your product or services. We humans are both incredibly smart and incredibly dim, and we crave instruction: a Call To Action is a simple design tool that directly instructs the audience to ‘get in touch’ or ‘order now!’ And guess what? They work. They really do. Websites and adverts with clear, direct Call To Action’s steeply out-perform those without them.

If you’re looking to bring your business online or re-design your existing website, get in touch today so we can discuss how I can help you succeed.

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